Organic norovirus on the way out

Photo courtesy of Mike Burns

Dicky pukes, courtesy of Mike Burns

The Hoya’s website seems to be down right now, but BarfBlog writer and food safety expert Doug Powell quotes them as reporting that Georgetown University has kicked Organic to Go out the door. While GU doesn’t flat-out blame the outbreak on O2G, they state “there was enough reason to suspect a potential link between those items and the virus on campus” and are moving towards in-house item preparation.

O2G categorically denies this as true or even possible, though Powell relates a troublesome past interaction with them. Their representative had plenty of time to mail him repeatedly asking him to remove a past story about them, but when he made note of their dispute and then asked the representative for some food safety and training standards information… they suddenly failed to respond at all.

Something to consider if you are faced with the opportunity to eat at one of their 4 area cafe locations.

Update: The Hoya is back up and the story that Powell cites is here.

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