Festive Pumpkins Abound!

Originally uploaded by RSchley

Despite the recent news of pumkin nom-ing evil squirrels, plenty of festive pumpkins have been spotted around DC.

This photo from my close friend Rebecca (flickr user RSchley) displays two of her own pumpkin creations, sitting out along Independance Avenue. And she swears she and her boyfriend didn’t even use stencils! And note the fancy-shmancy scraping technique!

So, dear reader, help me brainstorm. I got myself a big ol’ pumpkin at the pumpkin patch (more on that later this week) – but what to do with it? Evil face pumpkin? Happy face? Or go Rebecca’s route and not do a face… suggestions? What’s your favorite pumpkin carving?

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5 thoughts on “Festive Pumpkins Abound!

  1. My favorite pumpkin carving of all time is one from when I was little. We had a tall and skinny pumpkin that my uncle Jack carved into a classic chinese dragon, laying the pumpkin on its side. He even reserved some pumpkin rind curls for smoke coming out of the dragon’s nose. Pretty epic.

  2. My dad once did Snoopy on his Sopwith Camel fighting the Red Baron for Halloween. With the puncture and cut technique you are not bound to go wrong.