Does Giant Compare to Harris Teeter?

How cheeky is that Giant vs. HT comparison?

How cheeky is that Giant vs. HT comparison?

Walking through the Bling Bling Giant the other day, I noticed this cheeky little advert. Giant Foods is asking to be compared to Harris Teeter!

Now I can understand that the Bling Bling Giant has aspirations, it is swanky new and the center of the Columbia Heights renaissance, but a Harris Teeter? Not so much. Granted, I can find things easier in Giant, but the HT booze selection has my liver in love.

How about you – does Giant really measure up to the Teeter?

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4 thoughts on “Does Giant Compare to Harris Teeter?

  1. The Giant near us is seriously, seriously skeevy. If I have to go there for anything, I’m only willing to buy packaged stuff- canned goods, bags, etc. And since we don’t eat all that much prepackaged food and are trying to avoid the HFCS and hydrogenated oils, that pretty much limits what we can buy at that Giant to like, canned beans and frozen peas.

    Wegmans is totally awesome- the prices are low, the selection is good, and the meat/fish counters are really high quality, but it’s a bazillion miles away, so it only makes sense for either a big stock-up trip, or if one of us is already out that way for something else. The Harris Teeter in our neighborhood is a nice balance- the produce is good enough when we don’t have CSA goodness coming in and there are seasonal choices available, and the meat/fish counters are clean and well-kept for when we don’t have time for the fancy local butcher. My cans of Goya black beans might be a teensy bit more expensive, but that’s made up for in my time/gas cost in not going to a whole separate store.

  2. If I had to rank them:

    Whole Foods/Trader Joes
    Harris Teeter/Bloom
    Food Lion (go to the wrong one and it’s gross)