The Home Stretch, from home

Photo courtesy of erin m

courtesy of erin m

We’re down to the last week before the election, and with it up hard against local deadlines for absentee voting. If you’re in Virginia, today’s the deadline for requesting a mail-in absentee ballot. Make your request by 5pm and they’ll put it in the mail. Alternately you can do in-person absentee voting through this Saturday. You can get your local election board info from Google’s Voting information and it seems that most – perhaps all – will accept the application by fax.

DC in-person voting runs even longer – up to and including the 3rd. All of you go to 441 4th St., NW Ste. 250N. Today’s also the date for them to receive your request for an absentee ballot, though you’ll have to bring the request in yourself since it has to be received by mail before 5pm and no fax number is provided. Additional information can be found by punching your address into Google’s Voting information.

Today’s also your deadline for requesting an absentee ballot from Maryland, though they conveniently will accept requests by fax. Maryland’s absentee voting can also be done at the local board office, though there you’ll receive the same ballot you’d send back by mail. You can mail it later or fill it out and submit it immediately. If you need to find out where to go I found this site you could check out, Google’s Voting information.

Alternately, I’ll see you at the polls in a week.

Well I used to say something in my profile about not quite being a “tinker, tailor, soldier, or spy” but Tom stole that for our about us page, so I guess I’ll have to find another way to express that I am a man of many interests.

Hmm, guess I just did.

My tastes run the gamut from sophomoric to Shakespeare and in my “professional” life I’ve sold things, served beer, written software, and carried heavy objects… sometimes at the same place. It’s that range of loves and activities that makes it so easy for me to love DC – we’ve got it all.


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