Photo Story: High Heel Race 2008

 avon cosmetics

Last week I warned everyonethat my favorite fall event was upcoming… the HIGH HEEL RACE! And last night, with a good dose of determination, and four layers of clothing, I staked out a front row spot at the race. I was able to get fantastic view of all the fabulosity, so I give you, dear reader: The High Heel Race 2008 in photos. Click on through to view them…

cover girl cosmetics

My favorite had to be “the cosmetics” – every year this group does FANTASTIC work, and is so creative with their headpieces.

tobasco sauce

Nothing like a dash of hot sauce.

Fur is a drag

“Fur is a drag”

sarah palin and cindy mccain in drag

Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin stopped by. This was my favorite out of all the Sarah Palins, each with price tags on her clothing. Faux Todd Palin also trailed along lost in the crowd carrying Neiman Marcus bags and a “drill baby, drill” campaign sign. Genius.

mayor fenty and princess di

Fenty showed up, as always, and took time to pose with Princess Di.

statue of liberty

Lady Liberty’s slate said “Obama”

Drag Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama herself made an appearance, handing out Obama Pride stickers.


Cher, if I were to make a guess.

playboy bunny

Another one of my favorites, the Playboy Bunnies.

texas cult

My roommate works in social services and died laughing at the behavior of the Texas Cult members…

more texas cult

More cult members and children.


There were quite a few sponsored queens – Nando’s, Pedicab, Adam’s bank – this clever corkscrew queen was sponsored by, a DC wine delivery service.


And an Indian princess.

Did you go last night? Who was your favorite queen? Be sure to add your High Heel Race photos to the We <3 DC pool on flickr, and if there are enough I’ll do a reader edition of the photo story.

Photos courtesy of flickr user Needlesspaces.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Story: High Heel Race 2008

  1. Your pictures are great! I got there late so was a few rows back. I loved the Victoria’s Secret “Angels.” Their costumes were made even better by the breeze.

  2. Hey, weren’t you an Indian Princess once, Water Lily? I don’t remember this one from any of our pow wows.

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