Whacked Out Weather!

Windy City
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Boy is it windy out there! And it was far windier last night at the High Heel Race. So, I must admit something… as much as I love DC…I really strongly dislike DC weather. Actually, I’m going to be really honest…I HATE the weather. Yeah, I did it. I named something on a blog called We Love DC that I actually hate about DC. This place can’t be all warm fuzzies. So… here’s my rant.

First off, what the heck is up with all this crazy wind? Nobody warned me about this. We are not Chicago, I did not sign up for this! I can barely keep my scarf on these days. Plus, gloves are useless when the wind blows straight through them.

And what is up with going from summer to winter? Where is fall? My roommate was complaining the coat she bought for crisp fall days lasted her all of a week! It fast became cold enough for our long winter coats. There’s no “fall” – it goes straight from 70 degree days to 30 degrees nights!

It could be my thin southern blood, but boy do I miss summer… How are you faring out there? Are you like my co-worker Stephen who adores the chilly weather and loves winter-wear, or are you more like me, who longs for the yesteryear of summer?

Katie moved to DC in 2007, and has since embarked upon a love affair with the city. She’s an education reform advocate and communications professional during the day; at night and on the weekends, she’s an owner here at We Love DC. Katie has high goals to eat herself through the entire city, with only her running shoes to save her from herself. For up-to-the-minute news and reviews (among other musings), follow her on Twitter!

4 thoughts on “Whacked Out Weather!

  1. I, too, hate the windy winters. Usually this kind of wind is for Jan/Feb, though. On the other hand, often there has been quite a nice autumn around here and I for one always welcome it with open arms after the usually-oppressive and horrible summers. My front door decoration currently actually says, “Welcome Autumn.” I hate. Hate. HATE summer and say instead, hooray for skates and scarves and sleds! Let’s all do the snow-day-dance.

    I must have thick northern blood.

    The good news is, skating rinks open soon!

  2. Don’t worry, fall will be here in a week or two, then second winter, then early spring, then third winter, then summer, then REAL spring…

    DC weather is schizo, but actual fall in this city (whatever month it arrives) is gorgeous and hard to beat.

  3. It’s November in 2 days, and we just got cold, what, a week ago? My relatives in Connecticut just got a snowstorm. I think the weather here requires a little perspective. ;-)