Fall back on Sunday

Standing Still by RSchley

Standing Still by RSchley

Don’t forget, Daylight Savings Time begins (ends? see comments.) this Sunday at 2:00 a.m.! Which means you’ll need to set your clocks back by an hour. Don’t forget your watches, stoves, microwaves, computers and other various timed devices.

Also, the safety experts at the University of Oklahoma urge you to take the opportunity to do things like throw away expired OTC and prescription meds, check the batteries in your fire and carbon monoxide alarms, and more.

If you’re not an overacheiver, just be happy the bars will close one hour later on Saturday night. Stay safe.

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8 thoughts on “Fall back on Sunday

  1. It was funny to hear in college about the riots in Athens OH every year when they shuttered the bars at 2am, instead of the “new” 2am. Good times.

  2. no no no… you mean Daylight Savings Time ENDS this Sunday. We are living a lie, and on Sunday we get to return to Truth.

    Noon will actually be the middle once again!

  3. Okay, Brock, teach me please. I thought daylight savings was to give us more light in the winter, no? so you save the day light? right? but it’s the opposite? you’re saving daylight in the summer?

    someone science-y please stand up and explain to the class.

  4. It’s the end of DST, Katie. According to Wikipedia, it’s a controversial ploy to increase daylight for retail, sports, et. al. and somehow reduce traffic fatalities and increase your health.

    I find it a nuisance, personally, and would rather Congress abolish the practice, rather than continually extend it. Of course, if they keep extending it, won’t it then be Daylight Savings Time…all the time?