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So in case you haven’t noticed, its gloom and doom out there for the economy. People (like yours truly) are being laid off, car sales have plummeted and our stock market looks like the scariest six-flags roller coaster.

But there is a bright side. OH yes, a shiny, new, glossy bright side. The sales.

My favorite store to lust-over is JCrew, who has been filling my email box with fall sale alerts and 30% off coupons. Banana Republic also has all their winter clothing on sale. Macy’s cannot stop airing sale ads on television. I recently hit up the $99 suit sale (hello, job interviews!) only to have Matt’s mom hand me a 15% off-the-sale coupon.

Our friends NBC Washingtonreports Wal-Mart, the king of cheap, is even cutting prices. “The retail giant will rollback prices on thousands of items and on Saturday, shoppers can save on electronics during a special one day sale.”

We may just be gearing up for a cheap(er) holiday shopping season than usual. But should we all adopt the Bush mantra of “spend, spend, spend” – wouldn’t it do us good to pay off all our credit card debt? Yes. Take care of the debt, but at least the sales can definitely help us save on holiday gifts. Good, ‘cause it’s not like we can afford anything full price anymore, right?

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  1. Ha, well, yes, it was. But I’ve known for a while, so the shock of it has sunken in for me. Know of anyone who wants a mid-level PR person? I’m good at it, and for hire!