Funny Holiday Gifts: Metro Swag

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My co-worker Kelly dressed up as the Metro map for Halloween, a totally awesome costume if you ask me. Which triggered a discussion of Metro gear. You know, wearing stuff by Metro. So with a little googling, I discovered a multitude of Metro swag from WMATA.

Now, I personally loathe Metro. But not so much WMATA itself (though I know more than a few of you have beef with WMATA), but I mostly hate being cramped next to someone smelly and gross and smooshing myself into a crowded car while the doors closing gong goes off. It’s the part of my day that I do and then promptly forget I did. But at the same time, I’m sort of oddly fond of Metro. It does get me from place to place, and I’m ALWAYS curious about Metro’s random facts, like how fast cars can to go (max of 59 mph) to the fact that Wheaton has the longest escalator in the Western Hemisphere (!). So I can see how someone would want a history book on Metro. But… provides so much more swag that just a book. Did you know you can buy a tee shirtfor your favorite metro stop? A mouse pad? Or a coffee mug? There are even customizable metro note cards!

I’m dying to know how much revenue it makes. But more than that, I’m dying to know who actually owns it, and why – so I ask you, reader, do you own some Metro swag? And WHY? Do you have a Dupont Circle tee shirt that you wear proudly on the weekends? Did you send your mom a personalized Metro note card? Please, please tell!  I promise I won’t make fun of you… too much.

Photo courtesy of flickr user Needlessspaces.

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