The BBC has a “sushi fund”

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I’m not one to eat and tell, but I guess that “celeb-spotting” in DC is not reserved to strictly politico types. I know Paulo caught the enigmatic Lindsay Lohan on a golf cart to Union Station. I on the other hand, a consumer of all news and an anglophile at heart, caught our local BBC World News America anchor, Matt Frei, pondering his overwhelming options of bentō boxes and small sushi trays at Nooshi on 19th street.

It’s odd that while, say an ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or Fox newsperson (local or national) could cause a minor stir if snagged in public, rather than having an intern doing their bidding. Our friends from “across the pond” can steal away from their anchor desks and fetch their own eats without a mere notice by the regular populace in D.C. (I did congratulate him and his team on the awesome coverage of the campaign this year). Now if I could only catch the cast of Top Gear at the nearby Chipotle, my year would be truly made. Mr. Clarkson and his crew are my unabashed “free speech” heroes at this moment in time, PC or not!

Who’s the oddest or “most famous” celebrity spotted by our readers in D.C. recently?

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2 thoughts on “The BBC has a “sushi fund”

  1. I’ve seen George Stephanopoulos ordering take-out at the Dupont Circle Moby Dick, Mark Shields coming out of Palm, and James Carville and Mary Matalin loading their kids into a minivan in front of Pizza Paradiso.

  2. Given their patronage, does it say something good or bad about the food, or the taste of those people.

    I’m all for the power lunch (or snack), I’m also curious if we’d catch, say Nancy Pelosi grabbing a quick Chinese meal from one of the storefront Chinese places in NE?

    Working around the White House, I was almost walked through by David Gregory (NBC – and a tall dude) and almost tripped over Anderson Cooper (CNN) while trotting down 17th Street.

    Are there any film shoots coming to D.C. in the near future? I remember the salad days when Enemy of the State was in town butchering D.C. geography (but not as bad as Die Hard 4).