Have You Seen stikman?

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Walking to the metro from Art & Soul last Friday, Matt and I passed by a stikman figure stuck onto the pavement in the crosswalk near the U.S. Botanical Gardens in front of the Capitol.

Matt got all guy-nerd on it and was like, “That thing is cool. I wonder what it is!” Which led to some frantic googling on his part, and up came this WaPo article on stikman, the little robot figure popping up all over the city. Created by the artist known as “Bob” (better than formerly known as Prince, eh?), stikman is the brain child of a street artist (think Banksy, but not at all) just looking to spread the figures. And to “simply to cause those gazing down to pause and wonder”, something I hardly do enough of on my morning and evening commutes.

I think he’s pretty cute. Matt’s convinced that he’s dancing (doing the robot, duh). I think he’s just hanging out, tryna make friends. Any theories on stikman’s activities? Where have you seen him?

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4 thoughts on “Have You Seen stikman?

  1. Oh wow, Kimberly! That’s great, what a cool log of stikman! And dude, you’re not a nerd – just an avid fan. ;)