A Brand New Blogger

washington dc by wayan
Photo by Wayan

Please welcome the newest addition to the We Love DC roster: Hanalei Stockard Vota. She joined us this morning, coming into the world after a night of labor. Her mom is fine, resting and Facebooking while I try breast feeding. I only wish I could blog this event better, but GWU hospital’s WiFi service is only available to those who birth 7-4 on Mon-Fri.

Married, mortgaged, and soon to be a father, Wayan Vota is in the fast lane to mid-life respectability – until the day his brood finds his intimate journal of global traveling and curses him with the ever-eternal reply “I’m gonna be just like you, Dad!”

11 thoughts on “A Brand New Blogger

  1. Congrats on the new addition to the family. Am I the only one who finds this photo a little disturbing?

  2. Yay! Welcome, little Hanalei. How old will she be BEFORE you’re able to explain to her how she came by that name? I love Google.

  3. that would be me helping my daughter to root. the first of many odd moments in both our lives

  4. Congratulations, Wayan and Amy! Wayan, if Hanalei doesn’t find that a fruitful endeavor, just tell her she’s not doing it right.

    My best to you all!

  5. we actually named her after hanalei bay- the first stop in hawaii on our honeymoon. neitherof us knew that puff was from hanalei! good to know!!