Why I Love DC: Jasmine

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Washington Monument, courtesy of maxedaperture

All the authors here at We Love DC have written essays on why they love DC. Since I’m the newest addition, it has fallen to me to explain just why it is that I love DC.

I love DC for a lot of reasons, but primarily because DC has character. Name a state that has as vitriolic a slogan as “Taxation Without Representation” on their license plates. The people of DC are pissed, and they want everyone to know about it. How can you not love that? I dig a city with passion.

DC is its own city–it will never turn into NYC, or be confused with LA. The architecture is fantastic, and as a fan of little bronze plaques, I love that it seems like a historic event happened on every corner. My personal favorite is the Wok n Roll in Chinatown, which is the current occupant of the Surratt Boarding House (allegedly where the conspiring to assassinate Lincoln went down).

I don’t know if you know this, but DC is kind of a big deal. Important people do important things here every day. Stuff like, oh I don’t know, running the country. I love people-watching during rush hour and wondering what exactly those guys and girls in the serious suits got up to today. DC is also kind of a must-see for pretty much every American. Just check out people’s reactions when they hear that you’ve never been: “Whaaat?? Not even on a school trip?!” Yeah. I live there. And yeah, I can tell you exactly how to get to that museum/monument/restaurant. (OK, maybe not because directions aren’t my thing, but I can fake it.)

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Deserted Train, used with permission by RSchley

But for the directionally challenged like me, DC has a great Metro. It’s clean, easy to understand (color coding…a city after my own heart), and it gets me where I need to be in environmentally-friendly style. Driving also really stresses me out, and I count myself lucky to be able to relax and read a book or listen to music on my way to and from work and any number of other exploratory trips.

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Untitled, used with permission by Carleton Hall

And because I’ve felt the pain of my favorite band passing my city by when they’re touring, I love DC because it (almost) never gets skipped. DC has tons of cool venues, and I have been to more shows and discovered more great artists than I ever have before. Which makes me very, very happy.

To be honest, a lot about this city makes me happy. What can I say? I love DC.

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Adams Morgan, courtesy of citron_smurf

Jasmine is a Spin magazine contributor who is completely obsessed with music and all things new and different. She’s lived in the DC area since 2006, and still has plenty to discover about this great area! Find out why she loves DC.

10 thoughts on “Why I Love DC: Jasmine

  1. Awesome about the happenin’ music scene. I’m moving to DC in a few weeks. Good to know that the scene is rockin’ since my bandmates have been a little skeptical over the move. But now i’ll just show them your article.

    Be sure to check us out: Muddy Waters Eat Your Heart Out. I’ll be the chick with the harmonica.

  2. You can do more than that, Kable. Jasmine will be covering our local music scene, so keep her in the loop on what you and your ‘mates are up to and performing!

  3. Nice piece! I do like the music scene here.

    And the license plates! Taxation without Representation nearly “Live Free or Die” – from my first license plates in NH.

  4. my home state of new hampshire has ‘live free or die’ it its license plates. arguably more vitriolic.

  5. As a kid, I thought New Hampshire’s motto was a threat, rather than a promise. As in, “If you do not live free, the people of New Hampshire will hunt you down and kill you.” Due to this misunderstanding, I’ve yet to visit the Granite State.