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Xmas Tree by primplan

Xmas Tree by primplan

So now that the giving holidays are mostly over, it’s time to think about the next big event – New Year’s Eve! I’m sure WLDC will do a much more comprehensive round-up of possibilities, but if you’re type A like me then you’re already chomping at the bit to get started planning.  Ben rounded up some key NYE food possibilities for you already, but it’s time to think about the main event. Here are some tools for you to use.
The Washington Post’s Going out Guide has a huge NYE Guide. That should be a good first-stop shop.

Washingtonian’s After Hours Blog has a Guide to NYE in Washington that lets you sort by type of event desired.

The social club Things To Do DC is throwing their annual NYE American Gala 2009, and have chopped prices to include a $105 open bar post-dinner ticket that lets you in later for a more reasonable price.

If you’re looking to stay home to save money (like my group of friends are) DrinksMixer.com is a great place to find more than 240 fun champagne cocktail recipes. You can search them by base ingredient, flavors, and more to find just the right cocktail for you.

And finally, OpenTable has a solid list of places that offer Sunday brunch, and most of the places on the list are stepping up to serve New Year’s Day brunch for those of us nursing a hangover.

There. That should get you started!

Image by flickr user primplan

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  1. you can also check out ontaponline.com for a MASSIVE listing. my personal favorite comprehensive round-up of NYE activities.