Trains Not an Inauguration Option?

Photo by Nostri-Imago

I have a friend trying to make it into DC for the Inauguration scene, and I looked to see if he could take Amtrak or Marc to avoid the traffic jams. Seems neither may be an option.

Amtrak is almost all sold out from Monday through Wednesday. MARC is sold out January 20th, but has first come-first go policy for Monday and Wednesday.

I think this means trains are no longer an Inauguration transportation option, as even if he could get a seat, the inevitable delays may be longer than just driving down from Baltimore.

Or just walking.

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5 thoughts on “Trains Not an Inauguration Option?

  1. And while Baltimore-DC trains are almost sold out, Philly to DC trains are not. I’m advising a buy of the Philly ticket (or anywhere north of Balt) and just get on in Baltimore.