What to wear to the Ball?

Black wedding dress
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My co-workers and I were offered tickets to an Inaugural Ball and have been in a dress-finding and accessorizing frenzy all week. I’ve been taking informal polls of what to wear to our ball, especially since Obama isn’t going to show up, and it’s not a state-sponsored ball.

Most of my friends think tea length should be fine, and so I’m going with it. But then I found a very genius site – DressRegistry.com, where you can register your dress. BRILLIANT for checking out the competition (and seeing if your old prom dress will be in our out!). The site is chock full of Inaugural Balls, and people have registered quite the collection of dresses.

So, for all of you ladies out there looking for some guidance, it’s a lifesaver! (And don’t be lazy, register your dress! Share and share alike.)

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5 thoughts on “What to wear to the Ball?

  1. There seems to be so much “oh, it is going to be just dreadful” reporting this year. I think people might be taking the balls and galas bit seriously. Of course there will be a ton of people and coat check will be crazy, but so what? We are all there to celebrate an amazing moment together and have a fun night between the work of the campaign and the work of governing. It is not supposed to be the your junior prom, people!

    That said, this is pretty brilliant: “Insist your and your date’s coats go on the same hanger and claim check. Wear a bright-colored scarf and wrap it around the coats so they’ll be easier to spot in the sea of black”

    Also: Katie, that dress is a really pretty color. I am sure it will be lovely! Which event(s) are you going to?

  2. I just have to say – tea length is mid calf, and not a flattering length for anyone. Nothing says outdated dress faster. Go for knee length or floor length, but never in between.