Want a geeky Obama keepsake, in D.C. you’re SOL.

Spiderman Obama issue from Marvel

Spiderman Obama issue from Marvel

It was announced last week, and for industry insiders, it may have been a bit longer, that Marvel Comics, purveyors of The Hulk, Fantastic Four, and “Geek-in-Chief” Barack Obama’s favorite, Spiderman were issuing a special edition of the latter for the inauguration. This 5-page story was to center around an impostor taking the oath of office this coming Tuesday and Peter Parker, while covering it for the Daily Bugle, helped Spiderman save the day and democracy as a whole. However, unless you’re a subscriber at a local comic book store, you may be out of luck to catch a first printing in D.C.. Fantom Comics in Union Station and Tenleytown were somewhat caught unawares and only had acquired 9 copies total to split between the two stores. However, there is a second printing, albeit with a different cover, coming this Wednesday the 21st.

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2 thoughts on “Want a geeky Obama keepsake, in D.C. you’re SOL.

  1. Someone I know at Laughing Ogre (formerly Superheros) out in Chantilly said they were taking phone requests for holds from non-subscribers. Long way outside of DC but if you need to get your nerd on, well, you do what you gotta.

  2. I did call around, and in fact, YES they are the ONLY store that has some surplus copies of the first edition. Their limit is TWO (2) per person and requires pick up in person. Dan at Brainstorm comics in Frederick, MD noted that Marvel intentionally shorted folks, and that Laughing Ogre is the only store in a 200 mile radius that has copies. Now, if I could only get them signed by Barack and my former employer, Stan Lee.