We Love Food: Brunch @ Boulevard Woodgrill


Brunch at Boulevard Woodgrill courtesy of Needlessspaces

I have an odd relationship with breakfast. I don’t care for eggs – gasp – so there’s not tons of breakfast foods that appeal to me. I enjoy the pancakes, and french toast. I love hash browns, grits, bacon, sausage… but most of breakfast is centered around eggs, which is why I embrace brunch. Brunch, the hybrid between breakfast and lunch – I can order some lunch counterparts, or I can stick to breakfast foods that I enjoy like the ones pictured above.

Arlington is home to some insanely delicious brunches – it seems practically every restaurant up and down the Wilson/Clarendon stretch offers brunch.  My fellow Arlingtonites come out in full force, wearing the weekend-morning uniform of Uggs and college sweatshirts, we find ourselves sipping coffee and munching on yummy food. I love it. Matt and I can roll out of bed, I can throw on my UNC hoodie, and we can walk to a plethora of delicious options. A few weeks ago we chose Boulevard Woodgrill, and it was completely satisfactory to our breakfast/lunch cravings. 

Brunch Menu at Boulevard Woodgrill

The brunch menu at Boulevard Woodgrill has tons of variety, you can get classic lunch fare, or classic breakfast fare, or you can hybrid the two, and get breakfast sandwiches, which is what Matt wound up doing. He had a ham and egg and cheese croissant, which he devoured.


I wound up putting together breakfast out of sides, the bagel was toasted with chive cream cheese, and the hash browns were fried and battered with onions. My bacon was crispy, and thick, none of that crap microwave bacon some places try and pass off – this was the real stuff.

But one of the most pleasant surprises of brunch was the fruit cup. Fruit cups are a gamble, you can win big or you can lose big. The fruit can be briney, smooshy and grainy, or it can be fresh, sweet and crisp. I usually expect the worst, so this was a great treat. Crispy, and a good medley of fruit that clearly hadn’t been sitting around too long, our fruit cup had pineapple, honeydew, apple, blueberries and grapes.


Boulevard Woodgrill is an affordable, high-quality brunch option. Matt and I were pleased that our bill wound up coming out to what we’d normally pay at IHOP, but with much better selection and quality. (Though, let’s be honest, nothing can top IHOP’s hash browns. Don’t even get me started.)

Boulevard Woodgrill is located at 2901 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201. It is easily accessable by the Clarendon or Court House Metro stops.  Photos in this post courtesy of Flickr user Needlessspaces.

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