Evidence of Germaphobe Designers

washington dc by wayan
Photo by Wayan

I wonder who in the Newseum bathroom design committee was the germaphobe that insisted they needed door wipes in the men’s room.

As a man who always washes his hands but notes the number of men that do not, I like the door wipe idea, but have a better one: electro-shock therapy for those that go urinal to door.

Married, mortgaged, and soon to be a father, Wayan Vota is in the fast lane to mid-life respectability – until the day his brood finds his intimate journal of global traveling and curses him with the ever-eternal reply “I’m gonna be just like you, Dad!”

2 thoughts on “Evidence of Germaphobe Designers

  1. And yet would you want to shake hands with a non-washer then pick up a sandwich or worse, an absent-minded pick of a tooth?