Zathras will not be appreciated.

Photo courtesy of Me

Zathras-1, courtesy of Me

Zathras knows that Zathras not as interesting to people as Numfar was. Not like Zathras has a version of Whedonesque. Who would go to Zathrasesque? Nobody. Probably would be broken all the time anyway, eventually crash alone and unnoticed. This way Zathras not expecting anything other than inevitable doom and obscurity. Either way, it is bad for Zathras.

Well I used to say something in my profile about not quite being a “tinker, tailor, soldier, or spy” but Tom stole that for our about us page, so I guess I’ll have to find another way to express that I am a man of many interests.

Hmm, guess I just did.

My tastes run the gamut from sophomoric to Shakespeare and in my “professional” life I’ve sold things, served beer, written software, and carried heavy objects… sometimes at the same place. It’s that range of loves and activities that makes it so easy for me to love DC – we’ve got it all.


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