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Last night kicked off one of my favorite weeks of the year, restaurant week. Places are slammed with people looking for cheap eats, and plenty of places extend their RW picks beyond just this week. WaPo’s GOG has the full list, but I’ve narrowed down my picks for you so you can make the best of the extenders.

First, I’d hit up Farrah Olivia, it’s a good deal. Jaleo is supposed to be delicious, and I will be finding out next week myself, when I head to Crystal City for the Crystal Couture event. Oya has upped the anty and is offering the $35.09 prix fixe menu through August (aka next RW) so don’t rush over any time soon, but mark it down to go for some special trendy night out on the town, cause Oya is delish.

PS7′s is one of my all-time favorite places in DC, so grab your spot now and you won’t be disappointed. Urbana and Willow are great, both fresh and tasty, though I’d do Urbana only for dinner because you can get it for much cheaper with the Urban Lunchbox deal at lunch. If you like Indian, which I don’t care for, Raskia is the place to be.

Ahh, affordable tasty eats are my favorite.

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