Better than voting for American Idol…

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Our beloved morning Metro read, The Express is running the “Express Wedding Giveaway Contest“, the winner of which will win $35,000 in prizes. Readers are to choose from five couples and vote for who they believe deserves the prize (coughJessicaandAnthonycough) – whichever couple receives the most votes, wins! (Duh.)

The contest debuted in the Express last week, and I was thoroughly enthralled. So much so, actually, that I almost missed my Metro stop. So if you’re in the mood for love, or you like voting, stop on by and help a lucky couple get free stuff.

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3 thoughts on “Better than voting for American Idol…

  1. I really loved the final 5 Idol group medley last night. It was heartbreaking to see Aaron Kelly removed but I do believe the other contestants were better singers hence he had to go!

  2. I really think Donald Trump would be a much better American Idol judge compared with Harry Connick Jr. – Trump isn’t afraid to express what he thinks plus can be as outspoken as Simon Cowell.