Cheap Mini-Burgers For Errybody!

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Amanda over at Metrocurean tips us off to a fabulous deal at local pizzeria Matchbox. In celebration of 3/6/09, Matchbox will be offering their famous selection of mini-burgers (pictured above looking totally delish) for $3/$6/$9 accordingly. With the new location of Matchbox now on Capitol Hill, there’s even more mini-burger love to go around. (Especially since Matchbox swears a deal this good only comes around once a century.) Oh, and get there early, since Matchbox doesn’t take reservations.

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10 thoughts on “Cheap Mini-Burgers For Errybody!

  1. Not only do they not take reservations, they manufacture long wait times. My wife and I were told it would be an hour for a table. We go the bar and a gentleman gives us his table buzzer (which is going off) because he says they’re staying at the bar. So we get led upstairs to the EMPTY dining room. Seriously, four people deep at the bar, no one seated upstairs.

    Matchbox is bullshit, but goddamn are those sliders tasty.

  2. It’s always possible they had the tables but not the staff to wait on them, Matt. Which is it’s own failure, but not the deliberate creation of a wait.

  3. I’ve also read more than one review intimating that they manufacture wait times to keep the place looking hip and happening.

    But hey, they’ll proably still get my money.

  4. Never heard of this place. Of course, I don’t eat meat, so most burger places pass me by anyway. I also don’t understand the new fascination with small food like sliders or tapas. Give me something big and cheap – the defining characteristics of an American meal. Good taste is optional, hence the existence of Applebees.

  5. IT HURTS ME, CARL, that you would write a word like APPLEBEES in the comments and tarnish my elitist foodie posts. ;)

  6. It seems Carl that you have nothing to add to the debate. You don’t eat meat and you’ve never heard of the place. Move along please.

  7. Carl, take a seat (oh at home). I agree with KT and RDO. I am a season tix holder to gtown bball games. I go to matchbox (if there is not a free hoya hoop club party at clydes or GB) either pre or post game depending on start time. Here is what my gang of miscreants eats: Start with a wedge, sliders with gouda, the spicy pizza, and of course a few brown or clear drinks (depending on weather conditions). Carl, there is a nice applebeees in waldorf or gaithersburgh, check it out.

  8. *snerk* It’s a shame you guys don’t know Carl and can’t imagine him saying that comment out loud. I assure you, the sarcasm would have been obvious.