How Do Members of Congress Celebrate St. Paddy’s?

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courtesy of ‘twodolla’

With Jello Shots, apparently. 

My housemate forwarded this image along to me. Those are Green Irish Whiskey Jello Shots– WARNING: Contains Alcohol — in the telltale Greenware of the Longworth House office building cafeteria.  I guess I would say they are more like a Jello Cup, than a shot, as they clearly dwarf the festive St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes on an adjacent tray. 

What would I give to have a “spotted” of House members quietly enjoying their whiskey cups?

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One thought on “How Do Members of Congress Celebrate St. Paddy’s?

  1. I still contend that $1.50 for a spiked jello cup is cheap. Way to be economic, feds.