Hair-Raisingly Expensive

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I have paid a lot of money for a haircut in my time. In fact, once I grow out this mess on my head and need it to be styled into a wearable, professional stylish cut, I might even take Belle’s advice and hit up Molecule St. Germain in Penn Quarter, which would mean paying a hefty sum of money. But, like I always say, your hair is the one thing you wear every day, it’s the one quality wardrobe peice worth paying extra for.

AND THEN I READ THIS, an article from the Express that talks about the incoming “stylist to the celebrities” Ted Gibson, who is opening a salon in Chevy Chase. This was all good news to me, seeing as we can always use more style in DC, until I got to this point. “Well, my haircuts are $950. One of the reasons I charge that much is that, usually, when you go a high-profile hairdresser, you’re passed around through many different people. In my salon, you’re with me for the entire hour and a half.” I’m sorry, WHAT?! NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. Let’s say that again. NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. Yo, that’s like, more than what I pay in rent, plus utilities (yes I have a good deal, not the point) and I could probably, say, finance a car for that money.

What is happening here, people?! We are in the middle of a recession! Who in their RIGHT MIND is going to pay $950 for a hair cut? I’m dying to know who his customers are going to be, and if their hair cut will be able to make them dinner, pay their rent and buy them  new clothes. Otherwise, two words: rip off.

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2 thoughts on “Hair-Raisingly Expensive

  1. Yeah. Yes, that’s a ridiculous price. AND I would absolutely charge $950 for an hour and a half of my time if I could possibly get away with it. :D