Schocked by TMZ Paparazzi

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‘United States Capitol’
A great place for stalking your congressman, approximate location of Aaron Schock-spot
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The WaPo this morning had an absolutely amazing marvel of a piece about TMZ’s latest move in gotcha paparazzi journalism. Turns out they’ve moved to the Hill, trying to get some candid moments with the most staffed people on the East Coast — our Congressmen and women. 

Their first victim was obvious, someone for whom I’ve long held a fascination, 27-year-old Illinois congressman Aaron Schock. Not one week ago, my roommate and I ran by Schock in the exact same location, also entirely unstaffed (do they just let him wander?) south of the capitol building. It made my week, to say the least.

Let it be known, that TMZ was not the first to publically draw the parallels between Schock and Brody Jenner. Partner-in-crime Molly Finkelstein and I went there about two months ago in our gem Real World: Congress. Shameless, shameless. 

TMZ also apparently caught up with Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) in National airport. You may know Chaffetz from such bizarre/highly entertaining features as “The Freshman Year,” in which CNN has given him (along with Rep. Jared Polis) a handycam and let him record his face from arms-length at all hours of the day and night. If you haven’t seen this, stop what you’re doing immediately.

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7 thoughts on “Schocked by TMZ Paparazzi

  1. Dear Aaron Schock, wanna go on a date? Say, Hawk & Dove? We’ll have to disagree about fundamental morals, but I do a mean Jackie O…

  2. I was totally going to write that in the body of the post, but then reconsidered due to the line of thinking: “if I were Aaron Schock, would I date me because I called you out on the internets?” But Aaron, if you’re out there, we can totally be like James Carville and Mary Matalin.

  3. and no one wants to go there… smart people. i’d say we’d *dump* him, and get *married* to each other in Massachusetts and *date* boys outside our marriage.