Men At Work: H St. NE

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As those of you living in NE – like myself – know, driving or riding down H St. has been a disaster recently. The X2 commute down H that, during the daytime hours, would take roughly 7-10 minutes has slowed to 15+ of late due to ever-changing traffic patterns and construction. 

The construction is due to the on-going and much-needed three-year revamping of the H St./Benning Rd. stretch. Riding down H right now is kind of like off-roading it. 

The Washington Times reported this week that the long-awaited street car project is on-track (pun intended by the Times, I believe). Tracks should be laid down at the rate of a block per two weeks and will be completed within 18 months, supposedly. For more info on the streetcars, including the long history of streetcars in DC, check out the blog dedicated to all things DC street cars (yes, there’s a blog). 

Because of all this business things are, understandably, out of whack. Yesterday, while walking east on G St. from Union Station, a 90 bus crawled by me. Its attempts to navigate the narrow block with two lanes of traffic clearly aggrevated drivers. 

Also, in other road-blocking news, the Sun Trust National Marathon will be held tomorrow morning. As you can see on the map, H St between 4th and 13th will be shut down to traffic. Constitution down by the mall, 18th and Conn. NW and North Capitol will also be effected.

Acacia has lived in DC since graduating from Vassar College with degrees in English and Italian. She cries daily at the thought of her imminent departure from this beloved city, as she will begin a Fulbright teaching grant in the Campania region, Italy come October. She’ll be blogging that experience too. Get at her: or follow her on twitter.

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