Econopocalypse – WaPo’s Help for the Employment Forlorn

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‘Fannie Mae Stole My Job!’
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The Washington Post’s employment website just launched a new feature to help those recently displaced from gainful employment with a feature “How to Survive a Layoff“. I’ve personally been reading this feature due to my recent separation from my employer. It’s a handy To-Do style list of things folks should take into account once they’ve found themselves missing the daily enriching (in both definitions of the term) routine of going to work. The chief one, and one that I had to use every day due to my job as an computer incident response professional was “Don’t Panic!”. But the other useful proverb is also “use your network”.

With today’s in-vogue methods of being hi-tech fired, let alone laid-off, maybe via Twitter or Facebook posts, or even blogging, those same resources, along with the likes of LinkedIn and other resources really can also help you get back on your feet. Short of drowning your sorrows with a drink with friends commiserating the demise of your paycheck, it also a way to find out if they know of anybody who knows of anybody who’s hiring (it’s like a shampoo comercial gone wild!) [ed. – the title has nothing to do with the great comedian Costaki Economopoulos, it’s just coincidence – check him out]

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