Oops… DC Scout FAIL.

DC Scout Fail

My friend Rebecca and I had a good laugh this morning when we both got our DC Scout monthly e-mail. Click the above picture to enlarge and you’ll see that the subject line of the email says “DC Scout Test Subject Line – CHANGE BEFORE ACTUAL MAILING” – oops. I’ve totally been there before.

I hope your day gets better, WaPo, cause we all know what it’s like to stick your foot in your virtual mouth. If you were my co-worker I’d say “at least it’s Friday soon” but uh, it’s not. At least there’s happy hour in like, oh, 8 hours? …Right?

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5 thoughts on “Oops… DC Scout FAIL.

  1. *cringe* I have been that hapless person. I am sure that there is some poor person much like me, sitting at their desk, squinching their eyes closed and waiting for when their boss’s boss forwards their mistake to them. I feel your pain, WaPo broadcast button-pusher.

  2. soooo dooooo iiiiii. oh man. DC Scout recently sent out a redone and corrected subject line issue of the email, but that person is probs still smashing their forehead into their keyboard.

  3. Oh dear, this really points to the power of small. Every tiny mistake, and even larger one’s like these get noticed. It’s harder to keep up and edit things quickly in the digital age when information is flowing constantly but no less important!

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