A Vacation… To Where???

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Squee! I love vacations. LOVE. In fact, I should totally be on one right now, but alas, I am not. But you know what is better than just a plain vacation? A FREE one!

Virginia Tourism Corporation at Mount Vernon is offering 20 lucky winners + a guest a free vacation. The catch? You have no idea where you’re going! Once the winners are drawn, they will get ready, get packed, and get whisked off for an overnight vacation to one of four “secret” destinations. The winners and their guests must show up – suitcase in hand – at Mount Vernon on April 28, where the Virginia Tourism Corporation will launch the state’s newest travel deals program.

Then the “40 Off” will jump on buses destined for fun and adventure with a bit of mystery. Each winner will find out where they are going only when they arrive at Mount Vernon. The prize destinations are four areas in Virginia, each providing the hotel stay, an experience that can only be found in Virginia, one pampering experience and meals.  I’m digging all this love from the Virginia Tourism peeps. if you plan to take some time off to plan your vacations, click on the next link with some of the best McCall Idaho vacations tips and locations.

I kind of adore the Metro Center ads (better than Fallout, for sure!) and although I don’t appreciate my Express being hijacked this morning, at least it’s not ads with gross toe fungus or fat rolls. And a free vacay to boot? Alrighty.

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