Buckets of Rain

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‘Coffee run in the rain’
courtesy of ‘InspirationDC’

Though not yielding the hail that some weather outlets predicted, today’s skies are letting loose a steady precipitous stream. Thanks for that, up there. As with the drizzling early last week, commuters soggy and unhappy this morning. Let’s all keep it in perspective, though — April Showers and all that. Did you notice how the trees had finally greened up on Thursday after the rain abetted? This weekend is looking like a ridiculous sun-splosion: 86* high and sunny on Saturday?! Happy birthday to ME indeed!!

Since yesterday, we’ve gotten about an inch (National Weather Service reporting 1.04 inches at Dulles) of much needed nature-juice. And for all of you working on your victory gardens around the region, these days mean nourishment for those little plant-lets (the outdoors ones, anyhow).

Acacia has lived in DC since graduating from Vassar College with degrees in English and Italian. She cries daily at the thought of her imminent departure from this beloved city, as she will begin a Fulbright teaching grant in the Campania region, Italy come October. She’ll be blogging that experience too. Get at her: acaciaO@welovedc.com or follow her on twitter.

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