Win a Ticket to the DC RollerGirls Championship!

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‘Cherry Blossom Bombshell Victory. Washington, DC. April 2009.’
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Beloved WLDC readers, it is your lucky day! We have 2 tickets to give away to the upcoming Championship bout of roller derby. The match-up pits the DC DemonCats against the Cherry Blossom Bombshells on Saturday, May 9th, at the Armory. Doors open at 4, match begins at 5 p.m. 

How do you score yourself a sweet ticket to this madness? Answer below, in the comments, if you were a DC RollerGirl, what would your roller derby name be? An explanation of why it suits you afterward would be added fun.  For those unfamiliar with the sport might want to check out the league rosters for example names. Fun fact: there’s a national database of registered player aliases, and no two names and numbers can be the same. 

The top 2 names — as selected by the judicious WLDC staff — will win a ticket. We’ll announce the winners at the end of the week. Get crackin’!

Acacia has lived in DC since graduating from Vassar College with degrees in English and Italian. She cries daily at the thought of her imminent departure from this beloved city, as she will begin a Fulbright teaching grant in the Campania region, Italy come October. She’ll be blogging that experience too. Get at her: or follow her on twitter.

23 thoughts on “Win a Ticket to the DC RollerGirls Championship!

  1. oooh… my bf thought up mine. My given name is Ruth so as a DC Rollergirl I’d be RUTHLESS BADER GINSBURG, natch!

  2. Debbie-Does-Derby
    Lilly-DEBS-Better (cos I like to get paid!)
    Jen-dover-Boyfriend (cos I likes that too)
    Fag-hag-alicious (cos I am what I am)
    Debalicious (see above)
    Debb-biotch (that too)
    Double-D (bra size, and name starts with D)
    Deb-bite-you (if you let me)

  3. well, there’s…

    loudblackgirl (for obvious reasons; lbg for short)
    the orthodontist (because i’ll reset yo teef, beetches!)
    B’Rock YO-MOMMA (hail to the chief)
    Capital Punishment (whoa…super lame)
    tammi two shoes (my nickname since the day i was born)
    suck my stopper (lmao)
    Hellian Keller (i’ll leave you deaf, dumb, and blind)

  4. Well I have two names. I am currently FRESH MEAT for the Mason Dixon Roller Vixens in Hagerstown, MD. I am currently deciding on two names, they are and their meanings….

    Madam Mayhem #5 ~ I currently go by Madam Heather on all my screen names and Mayhem because I am a huge fan and user of

    Dual Cruiser #40 ~ Rout 40 runs straight through Hagerstown and back in my day as a teenager we used to as we called it CRUISING THE DUAL. SO I though this name would be appropriate for me as well.

    Perhaps the winner will help me make my decision ;)

    FM Heather

  5. ha so funny-
    My name is Mary – BLOODY MARY!
    my friends name is Ashley=Ash=smAsh=SMASH YOUR FACE!
    Kate: sKate or DIE

  6. I came up with one for a friend who works in a coffee shop.

    Number Venti(italian for 20+Starbux)

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