Fedorov, Hero

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‘090127 Fedorov’
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Big night for Sergei Fedorov, who put in a beautiful goal with just 5 minutes remaining in the 3rd to sink to the Rangers and send the Caps onward to the 2nd round of the NHL Playoffs for the first time since 1998. I’m not sure what exactly Coach said to the Caps in the 2nd intermission, but I suspect it was the kind of pep talk that involved biting the head off a bat or something.

Looks like we’ll be facing the Pens in the second round. Sorry Ben Rome, your boys are going DOWN!

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2 thoughts on “Fedorov, Hero

  1. Er… too many seasons of watching the Avalanche to think of Federov as a ‘hero’… more of an ‘at least he isn’t kicking the crap out of the Avs anymore’ type of thing.

    But hey, this is great! Caps/Pens should be fun, and it means my Bruins get the Canes, which should be decent as well (at least not as much of a mis-match as Bruins/Canadiens was!). Good hockey this round, looking forward to it!

    That having been said…

    Red Wings over Ducks in six
    Blackhawks over Canucks in seven
    Bruins over Canes in five
    (sorry DC) Penguins over Caps in a truly legendary seven-game series.