Opening Date Confirmed For H Street Country Club

H Street Country Club
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H Street Country Club has officially confirmed the rumors that Wednesday, May 27 is the day they will open to the general public.

General words of wisdom around the DC foodie world say that to avoid the massive crowds you should arrive early, or be willing to head out really late, since HstCC has been so highly anticipated. Me thinks that the required uniform is the ironic pink polo, popping the collar is optional, but highly encouraged. I’ll be wearing madras, maybe topping them off with some croakies. (I may or may not be doing this completely un-ironically since J.Crew is life, but I digress.)

I’ll run a first look for you on opening day, so stay tuned for a preview of what you’re in for. I bet it’s a lot like heaven.

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3 thoughts on “Opening Date Confirmed For H Street Country Club

  1. yeah right, you know there will be nothing ironic at all about pink polos with popped collars at a place called the country club. come on.

    one can only hope that because it’s not an actual country club (no membership and whatnot) some normal-dressing people will infiltrate and tone down the ridiculousness.

  2. Okay. #1 – it is in the Atlas District. Georgetown is totally the opposite end of the city. #2 – Ergo, I’m pretty sure it’ll be hipster all the way, ALL THE WAY. #3 – There isn’t a membership, it is IRONICALLY called the country club, just like they have ironic minigolf and mexican food. I’m pretty sure your grandma’s club has neither. #4 – have you surfed the flickr stream? there’s nothing actual country club about it.