Missing: Hard Drive with Presidential Info

Photo courtesy of
‘Lady of the Archives’
courtesy of ‘M.V. Jantzen’

The Washington Post reports that in the wake this weekend’s “Post Hunt 2,” the National Archives is getting in on some scavenger hunt action of its own.  Just, instead of innocuous puzzles, NARA employees are attempting to solve the disappearance of a hard drive containing, among other things, Secret Service operating procedures and the social security numbers of Al Gore’s daughters. The prize for the person who finds it: the possibility of not serving a lengthy jail sentence.
The hard drive contains around a terabyte of information from the Clinton presidency and was a part of a project to digitize the National Archives’ collection. The FBI has opened a criminal investigation but has no firm leads, as of yet.  So, if you see an important looking hard drive lying around, the NARA would appreciate it if you would return it to them without looking at the contents.

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