Real Housewives of DC

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This just in from EW and Just Jared – Bravo has announced the development of a Real Housewives of DC. (Because Blonde Charity Mafia was not enough, as Belle from Capitol Hill Style says.)

“We’re tapping personalities who are among Washington D.C.’s influential players, cultural connoisseurs, fashion sophisticates and philanthropic leaders – the people who rub elbows with the most prominent people in the country and easily move in the city’s diverse political and social circles,” said Frances Berwick, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Bravo Media.

These leading members of D.C. society will be attending important cultural events, political galas, gallery openings and fundraisers in Washington society.”  Sigh. Really? I’ll bet you one million dollars they all live in Georgetown and lunch at the Four Seasons.

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15 thoughts on “Real Housewives of DC

  1. Oh good. I was wondering what was going to feel the void of “crappy television I will feel obliged to blog about” now that 24 is headed to New York next season.

  2. Count me out. There’s not enough booze in the world to get me through one hour of that crap, much less weekly.

  3. But seriously, could we for once have a series about DC that isn’t about the “Georgetown loving elites.” Honestly, there’s way more to this city than that pile of crap.

  4. No seriously, Ashley! At least a reality show about hill staffers trying to make it big? Hopefully showing at least a singular brain cell? But I suppose that is too much to ask.

  5. @KatieT Oh, and the really struggling ones. Not the ones where mommy and daddy pay for everything. The ones where they live with 4 and 5 people in a house in Columbia Heights or way out at the end of the Metro because they can’t afford anything decent in the city.

  6. I would love to see a series about people who move to DC to seek their fortune, be it in gov’t contracting or employment, or on their own, and that would make for an incredible new series.

    But, charity milfs win out I guess?

  7. “Honestly, there’s way more to this city than that pile of crap.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, Ashley.

  8. Blonde charity mafia is a sad attempt to make “The HIlls” in DC from a bunch of girls who were part of “Late NIght Shots” which we know how reputable that joint is.

    Maybe “The Real Housewives of Mogadishu” or something where, hey, it’s not a string of superficial [expletive string deleted] trying to get into paparazzi rags left and right would be better. Or maybe just that they are *real* housewives and not ladies who married some one for money, hate life, and make everyone else feel like crap because of their poor choices in life.

  9. *Barfs* The whole concept of this show is disgusting, and the fact that they’re bringing it ‘home,’ so to speak, doubly so.

  10. While RH of DC is not going to make it into our TIVO list, I probably WOULD watch a show called Charity MILFs. Proof that everything is better with the help of a re-branding effort.

    “In this episode, Barbara teaches a young struggling political fundraiser the true meaning of the term filibuster.”

  11. This is by far the crappiest Housewives EVER -A bigger bunch o f morons have never been portrayed- Cat is actually not a human being = her slovenly accent and arrogance is offensive to this country – GO BACK TO GREAT BRITAIN CAT where your heath insurance takes about 6 months to a year to fix a BOO BOO – YOU OXY MORON, I really do like the others – Cat is ruining the show.