Nats Fire Pitching Coach St. Claire

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The Nationals fired pitching coach Randy St. Claire today, replacing him with Steve McCatty, a AAA pitching coach from my very own Syracuse Chiefs. According to the Nationals Journal, while St. Claire was clearly not thrilled, he seemed unphased: “That’s life. I’ve been in this game for 31 years. I’ve been fired before.” The decision comes as little surprise, considering the team’s current ERA – 5.69 – the worst in the MLB. The Nats also ranked worst as of May in pitching rank when it came to walks, wild pitches, triples allowed and total bases. St. Claire had been with the Nats for 7 years.

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2 thoughts on “Nats Fire Pitching Coach St. Claire

  1. Nice scoop Doodle. Maybe the Chiefs should also send along that terrorist board game from Clinton Sq. to help the Nats staff as well as Mike “Nuke” O’Connor (real player – look it up -

    Following with apologies to “BULL DURHAM”:

    IN THE DUGOUT — Acta AND McCatty LOOK AT EACH other warily.

    Acta: “Jesus–what’s got into Nuke?”

    McCatty:”I heard he’s wearing women’s underwear–and he’s breathing through his pingala nostril.”

    Acta:(spitting non-tobacco substance) “I’m getting too old for this game.”