The 300 club

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‘Nationals Home Opener’
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Tonight could be historic at Nats Park. Giants’ pitcher Randy Johnson is going for win number 300. While 24 other pitchers have broken this milestone, it is conjectured that due to changing “strategy” (ie, not using ‘roids anymore) Johnson could be the last to do so. To post a win, Johnson needs pitch at least five innings, leave the game with the Giants in the lead, and then see that lead maintained by his relief. It’s a large number of variables, but Randy Johnson is obviously a quality pitcher.  I bet he can overcome them. If you’re planning on seeing a game this summer, you should definitely go tonight.

The game starts at 7:05pm.  A tidbit: grandstand seats can be had for $5 from the box office if you purchase them an hour before opening pitch.  They’re nose bleeds, but you can move down to great seats after the 5th innning. If you want to see a game on the cheap, this is the way to do it.

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