DC is a Beer Town

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Last week I read an article by Baltimore Sun beer blogger (lucky bastard) Rob Kasper, in which he waxed poetic about Baltimore’s overwhelmingly superior beer culture at the expense of our “wino” city.  I wanted to cry foul via a devilishly constructed response, but knowing nothing of Baltimore’s beer culture, I shied away.  All weekend, thoughts of DC’s Belgian revolution, our several breweries and the amount of my income that goes to expensive craft beers swirled in my head.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that DC has an admirable beer scene.  It’s not the best in the nation, but we’re not, as Mr. Kasper asserts, a “wine city.”

Fortunately, Orr Shtuhl of the Washington City Paper had the stones to defend DC’s honor.  He’s writing a 2 part article on our city’s beer scene and I couldn’t be happier.  I see this city as being a beer city; perhaps not wholly and completely, but we have our share of connoisseurs and they open great establishments.  What are your thoughts?  Beer town or wine town?

Kirk is a Maine-born, military brat who moved no fewer than 12 times during his childhood. He came to the DC area in 2004 for his undergrad and decided that it was the place for him. Since graduating, he’s nabbed a job with the Fed and spends most of his free time hunting for cheap thrills in the city. Find out why he loves DC.

5 thoughts on “DC is a Beer Town

  1. I’m personally a beer drinker and I can find a good selection of brews pretty much anywhere I go. There are times when I want a nice glass of wine with dinner, and I never have a hard time finding that either! I think we have the best of both worlds; you can find whatever your little heart desires. (This brings to mind the liquor store “Modern Liquors” at 9th & M across from the convention center – great selection of wines AND beer, and the owner, Jeff, really knows his stuff)

  2. How can we be seen as a “wine city” when the wine bar “explosion” was considered such a big deal? As in, it was seen that we had a lack of wine culture and that those places were filling a huge gap.

    There are tons of places to get beer in this town. Not to mention a rousing college culture that thrives on brews. So, I don’t get it. I think we can file this “DC is a wine town” in the same place as “no one really lives in the District” and “this city’s culture is only about politicos” and blah blah blah.

    No beer culture? Go to The Saloon and try to order a martini.

    (ahem) Anyway, I hate it when people try and pigeonhole DC like this. Glad you are counteracting it, Kirk.

  3. DC is a pinky-up, spit-don’t-swallow-when-tasting, white-zinfindel-is-not-a-real-drink wine sipping town. The only thing blue in it’s collar is the JCREW lable on the inside.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.