Jammie Pants are the New Suits

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‘Oliver and Me’
courtesy of ‘Mr. T in DC’

My favorite Metro complaint outlet Unsuck DC Metro reports that the guys seen sporting business-wear on the top, lazy jammie pants on the bottom this morning at Metro Center were part of a guerrilla marketing campaign encouraging peeps to work from home. The campaign, reports Unsuck DC Metro, is run by Qorvis and Intel, advertising a product that allows people to access company drives remotely.

Here’s the thing, though, as much as I think this is cute, don’t you think I ALREADY WISH I COULD WORK FROM HOME IN MY JAMMIES? It’s not like you handing me something at the top of the Metro is going to change my company’s policy, it’s just going to make me jealous. I see you there, in your comfy pants, Mr. Intel Guy, and I kind of want to punch you. Or at least go back home and get in bed, while telling my boss I’m “working from home.”

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One thought on “Jammie Pants are the New Suits

  1. Right on, Katie T. Not only can I not wear jammies to work, I also cannot work from home and my “pants optional Fridays” plan has been squashed at every place I have worked. It’s time to start a revolution.