Jackassery in the Wake of Tragedy

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I know that most of you are burnt out by all the reporting on the metro crash, but this is something that I just couldn’t let lie.  The family of one of the victims, Ana Fernandez, a Salvadorian immigrant and mother of six, has received calls from “concerned citizens” questioning the legality of their residence.  Apparently, upon hearing of Ms. Fernandez nationality, these people took it upon themselves to leave her grieving family hateful telephone messages giving their thoughts on illegal immigration (there is nothing suggesting that Ana Fernandez was in the country illegally, by the way).  As much as I would love to rant, I think that the shear callousness of these fearless border protectors speaks for itself.  Jackasses.

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3 thoughts on “Jackassery in the Wake of Tragedy

  1. Please say you’re kidding. That is INCREDIBLY wrong, crass, and every other negative I can think of. In a time of grief and tragedy for someone to put that out there is despicable. A woman lost her life just riding home – that’s not funny and its not fair to place a label on her like that.

    Sorry – I read your post and I too need to vent.

  2. Wow. Thats… really horrible. I don’t know what to even say to callousness like that.