Metro crash lawsuit #1

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WTOP reports that the first lawsuit has been filed by a crash victim. Davonne Flanagan, 15, received a broken leg in the crash, where he was riding in the rear of the first car of the striking train. The family is seeking $950,000 in pain and suffering as well as actual injury and expected rehabilitation.

Attorney Lawrence Lapidus explains the prompt filing with the statement “My clients wanted to file early because the Transit Authority is known not to settle cases without filing suit.” Lapidus has apprently been a plantiff’s attorney against WMATA several times in the past.

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One thought on “Metro crash lawsuit #1

  1. Also, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Metro pulls the old “sovereign immunity” card on this one and refuses to pay anything more than medical expenses and funeral costs. This attorney is smart to get in early. Much like the Red Line since this whole debacle, if you don’t squeeze your way onto the train as soon and as bullishly as possibly, you won’t be riding at all.