A Record Setting 4th for Metro

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‘Metro, Orange Line train to Vienna’
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The Business Journal reports that riders on Saturday set a new record for July 4th commuting.  Metro reported 631,206 trips on their system, an increase of over 32,000 from 2008 ridership.  If the masses of humanity that I saw are any indication, every last one of these trips went through L’Enfant Plaza station. What a mess.

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3 thoughts on “A Record Setting 4th for Metro

  1. Works for me. Maybe that’s why it took me about 45 minutes to get home to Reston from the USMC War Memorial. That’s not too bad for a major holiday.

    Viva le Metro!

  2. If I recall correctly, the all-time system records were almost always July 4 of the latest year, until this year’s inauguration. Is that correct?