Caught on Video: Sleepy Train Operator?

MyFoxDC has details on this HD video of a train operator seeming to fall asleep at the controls between stations on the Green Line, taken by Metro rider Gregory Thomas — bigblockz8 on YouTube.

This happened on June 18th, some time after the Metrotexting video but before the Red Line collision, so trains were still running on auto at the time. It was the deadly June 22nd accident that prompted bigblockz8 to send in this video to Metro Customer Service. WMATA says the operator has confessed to dozing at the wheel. It’s chilling to know that there might still be sleepy train operators out there while the system is now running on manual. It is important to that we take a deeper look into what is causing their sleepiness as their consistent performance is a must. If morning coffee isn’t enough to keep them awake, maybe they should try smart pills on to keep them alert. Metro spokesman Steven Taubenkibel says they encourage this kind of vigilance from passengers, but we certainly hope WMATA is exercising equal vigilance internally. How would you recommend keeping train operators from nodding off on duty?

(Tangentially, bigblockz8’s YouTube channel is a gem of wonderful DC transit geekery, earning an instant Subscribe click from myself.)

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