I-395 Meltdown

Photo courtesy of
‘Motorway Madness’
courtesy of ‘DavidHBolton’

If anyone is planning on heading south on I-395 this evening, I’m afraid that you are SOL.  AlertDC reports that there is a major accident on the southbound side of the highway that has all lanes closed.  The official report:

“Arlington: Accident on I-395 South prior exit 7 all lanes closed in addition the right HOV lane is closed: 4 vehicles with overturned.

HOV is lifted to southbound traffic between D.C. and Edsall Road; lanes expected to be closed for estimated 1 hour.

Delays 5 miles into D.C.”

update [5:14]

It appears that VDOT worked more quickly than expected to clear the wreck.  All lanes appear to be moving, althought backups remain, particularly around exits. Both HOV lanes are open and moving freely.

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