Bike Accident at 13th and Florida

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‘A New Trail’
courtesy of ‘M.V. Jantzen’

There was a pretty nasty bike accident this morning at 13th and Florida NW, witnesses tell us. A biker was speeding down the hill past Cardozo H.S. toward stopped traffic without slowing down. When he finally noticed the stopped cars in front of him, the biker slammed on his brakes, flying over the handlebars and crashing into the back window of the SUV. Witnesses of the accident called 911, but police showed up within minutes to move the biker (who was, in point of fact, wearing his helmet) off the street and give him assistance. No word on the biker’s condition, but we hope he’s okay. Just a daily wake-up call for bikers across the district to be extra aware.

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One thought on “Bike Accident at 13th and Florida

  1. That is a super steep hill. I have gotten into some troubles at that hill before, but always a lucky combination of gaps in traffic / empty intersection / functioning brakes has saved me. Now, with my bike stolen, I find I’m much safer.