Not Your Average Matchmaking (And Not either!)

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DC is a notoriously bad dating town. We regularly rank as one of the cities that turns to the internet to meet people – is legendary here, Craigslist, eHarmony and are close behind. I can name at least twenty hot single lady friends that can’t figure out why they haven’t had a date in months. What’s the deal, DC boys? So when I read about Eight at Eight on DC Concierge (love her!) I was intrigued. Here’s the skinny – the service pairs four guys with four girls to have a casual dinner, simple as that. There’s no pressure, no “here’s your match! do you like him? do you? do you?” style dating, no blind dates, and, as DC Concierge points out, the worst that happens is you get a little networking done.

There’s a “dinner package” purchase, and a membership fee (DC Conceirge points out that this is exactly like a fee) but it sounds like a pretty affordable deal to me. A hostess will attend each event to break the ice and buy Eight at Eight diners their first drink. At the dinner, diners only for pay for what they eat and drink. Separate checks will be provided for each diner. Eight at Eight’s FAQ’s say, “We put together our dinner parties based on age and the interests you provide in your profile. Don’t expect a completely homogenous group, however – we’ll try to structure a diverse group with complementary interests that will give everyone something to discuss.”

The only red flag I can see? As We Love DC’s foodie, I’m totally insulted by the restaurant list for DC. But to meet a cute boy? I suppose (sigh) you can ask me to eat mediocre food for a night. (A glance at the upcoming events shows PS7’s on the list. PHEW. Saved.)

Katie moved to DC in 2007, and has since embarked upon a love affair with the city. She’s an education reform advocate and communications professional during the day; at night and on the weekends, she’s an owner here at We Love DC. Katie has high goals to eat herself through the entire city, with only her running shoes to save her from herself. For up-to-the-minute news and reviews (among other musings), follow her on Twitter!

15 thoughts on “Not Your Average Matchmaking (And Not either!)

  1. Thanks for the love, Katie! Right back at you and all of W<3DC! Funny you should mention the restaurants. The owner is new in DC so I gave her the skinny. I recommended she connect with Posto, Urbana, 1905 Bistro, and a few others for accessibility and a romantic setting!

  2. Oooh, good, glad you talked some sense into her! Even a place like Sticky Rice or Lauriol Plaza would be cheaper and still fun for a group, and with better food than some of the original choices.

  3. Oh, this sounds way more fun than regular blind dating, mostly for the potential Machiavellian aspect that I see.

  4. Checking out their homepage, they don’t list how much your membership will cost, stating:

    “The membership fees vary for each city. Eight at Eight is very affordable in comparison to most traditional matchmaking services which cost in excess of $1,000.”

    That’s very troublesome, like health clubs that won’t list their rates unless you come in for a consultation.

  5. Joseph, I picked up the phone to call and ask – it’s 5 dinners for $450! (aka 20 new single people, as the lovely lady on the phone put it!)

  6. KatieT, and I assume that’s before the price of dinner itself? Thank you for checking on that.

  7. I found mine here (DC). The again, I’m gay. haha The odds might be stacked against the girls in this gay city of ours.

  8. I know a couple that got married through this service! Never tried it but it sounds interesting.

  9. neat idea, but wow, what a fee. $90/dinner, plus the cost of the actual dinner. So maybe $120-140 per dinner. I suppose that’s one way to ensure you’re only matched up with wealthy people.

  10. The only ting wrong with turning to the internet to meet people is the stigma attached to it by some people. I met my wife via a CityPaper personal ad, and neither of us was especially desparate, ugly, or geeky.

  11. How about the “at least twenty hot single ladies” start picking up the men? If there are women available, and fewer men, how come most men I know here constantly complain about how stand-offish and cold the women are? (many of these men are very attractive and have moved on to meet women in other cities). Are DC girls afraid to just walk up and buy a guy a drink? I thought this was a new era.

  12. Oh, Karogee, such a deep question you just asked! And unwittingly so. My personal answer as to why I PERSONALLY won’t gallivant up to men and buy them drinks is much too much information for the comments section of this here blog. I think some of my twenty single girls are traditionalists, and believe that if a guy likes her, he’ll say so openly. Others of my twenty girls will say, yeah, and if the girl likes what she sees, she’ll say so too, it’s total bull to wait for a guy to come to you and feel free to strike up a conversation at will. I think it’s pretty individualized. I’m not sure there’s a “DC girl” that fits into one category, but I’d love to here other opinions (guy and girl)!

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