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In two weeks, the DC area is having its third major beer event of the summer (suck it, Rob Kasper).  “Hoppy” Jeff Wells and Teddy Folkman, Chef at Granville Moore, will be hosting around 10 breweries during the first annual DC Beer Week.  The event will kick off at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Sunday with a “Unity Jam” and will continue at various DC establishments throughout the rest of the week. Yours for Good Fermentables, a local beer blog, has the complete event list.  Hopefully this is an event that will expand in years to come.  A good showing by DC residents this year will likely peak the interest of breweries around the country.

After reviewing the event list, I have some recommendations for you

Allagash Beer Dinner with Rob Tod at Granville Moore
Monday, August 17 at 7pm
Allagash is a Maine brewery (I’ll admit a hometown bias) that produces Belgian style ales. Their beers are typically unfiltered and spiced, and are fairly unique amongst American brews. Plus, Granville Moore is a great spot.

Rogue Oregon Oyster and Ale Fest at the Reef
Tuesday, August 18 5pm-10pm
They’re flying in oysters from Oregon. That’s pretty sweet. Pair that with the delish, hoppy ales from Rogue and you’ve got yourself a winning combo.

Brew at the Zoo
Thursday, August 20 6-9pm
More of a traditional beer tasting but in an non-traditional location. The event will feature 35 breweries from around the country and admission will get you a sampling mug, plus beer. At $50, the tickets are on the pricey side, but proceeds benefit the zoo. Please, think of the animals.

If you’re only going to three events, those are the ones that I would recommend.

Kirk is a Maine-born, military brat who moved no fewer than 12 times during his childhood. He came to the DC area in 2004 for his undergrad and decided that it was the place for him. Since graduating, he’s nabbed a job with the Fed and spends most of his free time hunting for cheap thrills in the city. Find out why he loves DC.

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