Former Police Chief Going to Jail

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If you recall, just over two weeks ago, the Chief of Police for Alexandria resigned following his arrest for drunk driving, which involved a minor accident. Today David Baker plead guilty to a DWI, which gives him 5 days in jail, a minor fine and the loss of his license. It’s terrible that Chief Baker made the decision to drive drunk in the first place and it obviously sets a very bad example. But I for one applaud his following of the law, after being caught, and doing the time for his crime. Not to mention giving up the career that he had devoted his life to.

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4 thoughts on “Former Police Chief Going to Jail

  1. He followed the law after being caught? You mean he is willingly going to jail? The other option is for him to be dragged there kicking and screaming. He is doing time one way or another, if that’s what the judge orders.

    I have little respect for people who drive drunk. Maybe he is a better person because he didn’t fight it as strongly as some do, but most people who get a DWI charge are not caught their first time. He could have been endangering the lives of others this way for years. Should we applaud that?

  2. “He could have been endangering the lives of others this way for years. Should we applaud that?”

    Not at all. I didn’t say I applauded the terrible crime. I suppose my wording is a little confusing though. My intention was to note that he did not try to weasel his way out of being caught, he plead guilty, he resigned, he is doing the time. It just seems pretty rare that a police officer caught doing a crime would go through with all of that, let alone the Chief.

    Also, the purpose of this feed update was to comment on the fact that he plead guilty. Not the crime in general. That’s where my wording probably became misinterpreted, but you certainly have a good point.

  3. Yeah, you are right, Karl. Not being a weasel about it is certainly the more honorable way to handle it. There is a big problem of the blue line and cops looking the other way when one breaks the law somehow. I am glad to see this case seems to have been handled well.

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