Naked Sushi Comes to DC

naked sushi
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Thanks to Angie Goff, who wrote about naked sushi coming to DC. I had heard of such things but always imagined it was a myth. However, Goff writes:

I remember going to events like this when I lived in LA! Nyataimori, Also known as ‘Naked Sushi’ is Sushi art on a woman’s body, came from the ancient Japanese culture, where Tokyo is world famous for this type of dinner theater and art practice. It happens this Friday the 21st, 2009 11:30pm-Midnight with Legendary Sushi Chef Niki Shimasaki (Dragonfly) at Current Lounge located at 1215 Conneticut Ave, NW DC. RSVP/ Table – // 703.930.0338

One big drawback I see is that I imagine the sushi will not be vegetarian. But what do you think – should sushi be served on naked women? Maybe I am old-fashioned but this seems rather exploitive. Would you go to a naked woman sushi party?

Me, I don’t even go to parties with strippers when invited by friends. You?

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10 thoughts on “Naked Sushi Comes to DC

  1. Yeah, as someone who has no problem overall with stripping, I find the naked sushi a little exploitative. Whether it’s appropriate to pay someone to take their clothes off for you or not I think can be reasonably argued and covers some pretty complicated ground about sexuality and how/why we value people.

    But at least with strippers you’re still interacting with them as people. Using a human as a serving platter… the word “literally” gets used inappropriately a lot, but I would say this is a situation where you could say someone is literally being objectified.

  2. Interesting… both my wife and I like sushi, but am not sure whether we would go together to an event like this. Not sure she’d approve of me going to this by myself either.

    Guess we’ll have to stick to eating sushi off a plate, or at the fanciest, maybe a wooden boat.

  3. I think Anonymous Coward needs to grow a pair. What’s with this anonymity crap? You wimp.

    Brian – I think my wife would be upset if I went also. Maybe our lovely brides can hang out together while we go get some naked sushi. They would have something in common to talk about: disappointment in us.

    Kirk – Egg salad, puppies and even stripping, as Don points out, are probably less degrading than this.

  4. Man does what man wants, no need for permission. Good thing my (future) wife likes going to strip clubs. As long as the sushi is good; we’re down.

  5. Geb – I suspect you are going to learn a few things about maintaining a happy household as you have more marital experience. Tiff is totally right here. Every action has consequences. Don’t be fooled for a minute on that one. If I am wrong, God bless for that!

  6. There is no doubt that attending this sort of social event can spark a few toxic firecrackers in a relationship, especially if the significant other isn’t notified of it.

    And rightly so! You engage in a relationship – or, more seriously, a marriage – because you choose to reserve certain parts of your life for that other person.

    However, I believe the question over whether such an event is degrading or objectifying should be left to the people who voluntarily chose to participate. I am assuming the job posting made very clear not only the duties, but also the dress code for this specific position.

    So, instead of overwhelming this discussion with our interpretations of their actions, let’s honor their right to do whatever they darn well please. It was their choice after all.

    In fact, I am sure there are just as many people out there who would be willing to see sushi being served on naked men (without questioning at all the morality). So let’s be fair… open the job posting to both genders so we can please everyone.

    For whomever decides to attend, enjoy it! But I’ll be staying on the safe side of this one.

  7. I recently attended a party on the rooftop of the Georgian apartment building in Silver Spring where apartment/condo developers schmoozed it up with Montgomery County Executive Ike Legget and newly appointed head of Montgomery Counties Department of Economic Development, Steve Silverman as well as many other county officials and politicos while they ate sushi off of a half naked woman. They had also hired at least a dozen models to walk around the event posing.

    I found whole event to be sad given the fact that Montgomery County is extremely lacking in any sort of affordable housing program while our elected officials eat sushi off a young woman’s private parts at these developer funded shin digs.

    Kinda says what kind of government we have here in MoCo!

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